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Suztou Jukang Environmental Technology co, Ltd is located on the south bank of tee middle and lower reaches of hte Yangtze River in the northeast of Zhangjiagang, a cillzld city in China, east to Shanghai, south to Suzhou, west to Wuxi and Nantong in the north.

JuKang environmental technology is a private enterprise specailzed in the research and development, dsiging,manufacturing, sales and italalatlon ser ices of air inlet ftration and dust cletion poducts along with their spare parts.Equipment series products mainly include: crtridge dust coletor, self cleaning fiter unit, high- efcienc fiter unit; the spare parts series products mainly include: cllulose fiter catridge, polyester fiter catridge, polyester with PTFE fiter cartridge, nano fiber filter cartridge, welding smoke flter cartridge, pulse pleated long fiter cartridge, large ain volume filter cartridge, high-precision fiter cartridge, high-temperature fiter cartridge, anti-static fiter catridge, flame- retardant flter cartridge. The products are widely used in sand blasting,iron and steel, petrochemical industry and electric industry Industries such as Li, shipbuilding, aviation, container, tobacco, rubber, machinery manufacturing, ceramics, wood processing, automobile, special powder, non-ferrous metals, mining, et..

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